Rex Ryan takes responsibility for his team

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pile of footballs on a field

In an example of selflessness and supreme responsibility, New York Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan made statements that could be considered very characteristic of the legendary Ryan family’s coaching style, ESPN reports. Though emotions have sometimes gotten the best of the Ryan family, their passion for the game is undeniable, and considered by many to be what has lead to so many successful years as coaches in the NFL.

According to the source, before the week 16 match-up between the New York Jets and New York Giants, Rex Ryan made several comments at a press conference explaining that a loss would be on him.

“I feel like I have to win this game because I put it out there, I want to be the better team in our city, there’s no doubt,” Ryan said, according to the source. “It’s going to fall on one person, and that’s the way it should be. It’s coming right on top of me, and that’s fine. And when we win, it’ll be about the Jets.”

Ryan has time and time again expressed his supreme confidence in his football squad publicly, and the faith he puts in each player has definitely paid off in the end. For example, in his first two seasons as a head coach in the NFL, Ryan lead his team to two AFC Championship games. However, many of his public displays have been unconventional at best.

Flash back to last season after the Jets lost big to the New England Patriots, 45 to 3, in one of the last games of the season. Ryan famously buried a football beneath the field, as symbol to his team as well as the opposition. Though strange, the team responded in an undeniable fashion, as they went on to defeat the Indianapolis Colts in their next game, which happened to be the playoffs, and went on to knock off the Patriots one week later.

His father, Buddy Ryan, had his own infamous moment when acting as the defensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles in the late 1980s. Full of emotion during the end of a hard-fought but ultimately unsuccessful game, Buddy Ryan expressed his emotions in classic fashion.

Suffice it to say the Ryan’s do not pull their punches, and coupled with their experiential coaching educations, it has worked in their favor.

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