Meet Betsy Farrell, Online MHA Grad

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How do we measure the success of our online programs?
We measure the success of our graduates.

Betsy Farrell: I chose the Master’s of Health Administration because I have a registered nursing license. It fit because it’s very concentrated on health and the work that we do there. I’m a mother of four children and I work a full-time job that requires a lot of travel so having the ability to do the program online was very important to me.

I found the online program to be rewarding, flexible, and quite enjoyable. the program has given me a lot of knowledge and tools that will assist me as I continue to grow my career and follow the path to bigger and better things. I think the best advice that I could give is to do it now. You’re going to come out of the program with tools and knowledge that make you a better person in the workplace and in your personal life. I’m Betsy Farrell I have a Master’s of Health Administration from Ohio University.