Online MAA Grad: John Kirtland

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How do we measure the success of our online programs? We measure the success of our graduates.

John Kirtland: I chose the Ohio University online program because it was convenient for me time wise and having time to do everything that I wanted to do on top of continuing my education was important. I chose athletic administration because I wanted to really have an impact on the athletic department that I work in. It helped me bridge a lot of knowledge that I had from coaching to administration and kind of prepared me for that next step in my life which was being an athletic administrator. The law course taught me a lot of things I didn’t know about athletic administration in terms of what exactly we needed to do or need to know to prevent ourselves from lawsuit liability and litigation. I personally balanced all my studies and and my personal life and everything my work with just a really good support system around me. Ohio University afforded me that extra time to allow me to complete my degree and make sure that I was successful in my program.  My name is John Kirtland Master’s of Athletic Administration at Ohio University.