On the Pulse: Electrical Engineering Inventions that Connect People and Communities

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On the Pulse: Electrical Engineering Inventions that Connect People and Communities infographic

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As modern technology continues to advance, many people have the chance to enjoy a wide variety of technologies that connect them with others. Advances and inventions made possible through electrical engineering have enabled people all over the world to connect in ways that were previously thought impossible. Here are a few key inventions that have helped take human interaction and communication to an entirely new level:

Eye Tracking Technology

This technology promises to provide disabled people with a way to connect with others through eye scanning hardware that can help them communicate and access technology.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has long been an eagerly awaited development for many people. It allows individuals to wear hardware that can display a virtual world around them.

Immersive Technology

Immersive technology will enable people to walk freely through the virtual world by way of The Virtualizer, a platform and belt that monitors the user’s movements and footsteps while markers attached to the body are tracked with cameras.

Wireless Technology

While an integral part of our lives now, there was a time when wireless technology seemed like a thought from science fiction. Wireless technology allows us to enjoy connections with the Internet and each other, without any physical hardware connecting to receivers and transmitters.

Wearable Computing

These technologies have allowed people to monitor various activities, both on their bodies and in real time around the world as they enjoy going about their daily lives.

Video Chat

Video chatting technology has made it possible for people from all over the world to connect and enjoy face to face communications, no matter the distance and no matter the nature of the call itself.

To learn more about the electrical engineering inventions that have changed the way in which we communicate, checkout the infographic below created by Ohio University’s Master of Science in Electrical Engineering program.