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Nurse using laptop in hospitalAre you a practicing nurse considering returning to school for an advanced degree? Do you want to coordinate patient care while assuming a leadership role in your healthcare organization? Does working to change, influence, and implement policies and procedures appeal to you? If so, earning a Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) may be the perfect way to achieve your career goals.

Nurse administrators supervise and manage a staff of nurses, provide leadership as a member of the administrative team, and work closely with senior management to create or change policies at their health care organization. In this leadership role, nurse administrators are responsible for ensuring the delivery of top-quality patient care by managing staff scheduling, department budgets, and employee recruitment and retention, as well as maintaining quality standards.

If this career path sounds attractive to you, becoming a nurse administrator may help you fulfill your career goals. This resource section contains many helpful articles that will give you a clearer picture of the responsibilities of this position, as well as an overview of some of opportunities and challenges faced by nurse administrators. Additionally, there is information explaining the MSN degree and the reasons others have chosen to pursue advanced nursing education.

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