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Hello MPA students, this is James McKnight and I wanted to briefly just share with you your new resource page and just chat with you a little bit about some fun things that you may find useful in your program.

I will be sending this link out to you as well via email so that you can go ahead and bookmark this page. So a few things that you will find useful on this resource page is at the top it lists the Blackboard link, your email catmail link, computer requirements for this program as well as a link to register for classes which many of you may have already received that information with that’s there. If you need to activate your Ohio ID that link is there as well. The other thing that is listed here is your academic cohort calendar depending on when you started the program. So for instance, if you started the program in the summer of 2018 you can just click on this link and it links directly to your cohort calendar based upon your start date. The other thing that you will find useful is graduation information.

So there are two links in regards to graduation and I want to point out. First, there is the graduation information link which this link actually links you right to the graduation application it talks about the deadline to apply it talks about the commencement dates, the application fees as well as the steps to apply for graduation. So if you are approaching your last semester you will want to make sure that you look at this information and plan accordingly and then there’s a commencement information page where if you are not able to attend the graduation ceremony you can watch the ceremony live as well as under these links here or under the videos are the details for the commencement for each one we have a spring commencement and the fall commencement every year.

So it lists the detailed information on the times as you can see sometimes the graduate-level ceremony is on a different day than the undergrad for the spring semester and then in the fall semester the commencement is usually combined with graduate and undergraduate So then you also see this cap and gown information so in terms of the pick up so you can list the location where you can pick up your cap and gown and then here’s a checklist. So a very useful commencement website that we strongly recommend that you review.

Then we have course descriptions so for many of you who have selected a concentration you will want to make sure that you review your course descriptions especially if you’re considering switching your concentrations. So to do so all you need to do is click on where it says showing high course descriptions and there you have it. That’s for the nonprofit and public leadership management concentrations. So that’s there, then you have any late fee policies for the tuition, bookstore information, my contact information is listed here. The DARS information which is your degree audit. You will always want to review a degree audit to see how your progress or how you’re coming along with your classes. So this is a link where you can access your degree audit to see the grades of your previously taking courses as well as what courses are remaining.

And then student accessibility services are listed here the Bursar’s Office information existed here as well as financial aid. If you ever have any financial aid questions their contact info is here as well as the school code if you need to apply for financial aid.

Then on this site, we list here what I really love is the GPA calculator. So when you click on this link here you can actually calculate your G your cumulative GPA by entering in whatever grade whether it’s A, A- and so and then however many credit hours the course is worth so if it’s a three-credit-hour course another three-credit hour course. And then it just automatically calculates your cumulative GPA based upon your grades. Very useful I love that.

Then we have the Graduate Student catalog so that’s listed there if you ever need to see like the policies or anything. As well as the library resource page which you’ll if you haven’t already started you probably will use this page a lot in the library.

Then in terms of registering for classes that will work the same where I will send you an email with the steps to register in terms of the course numbers and the details of that so you don’t have to worry about registering of following the steps listed here. Satisfactory academic progress policy if you ever fall below a 3.0 you will want to review this page to see the policy of the SAP appeal and so you know definitely just keep me posted if something like that ever happened.

And then the Registrar’s Office the link is listed here if you ever need to order a copy of your transcripts or any other things listed here in the registrar’s office is on that link if you need to change your address your whether it’s your mailing address or whether it’s your if you need to change your name due to getting married or whatnot this could be done but through this link when you update your personal information your address change instructions are listed here. So you always want to make sure you do this, especially so that when your diploma is mailed, it’ll be mailed to the right location.

And then also the Veteran Affairs information is here if you are a veteran. And then enrollment verification, so this link is very useful as well. When you’re like if you ever need to verify your enrollment as an online student you can click on this link and there is a specific form that you complete in order to request your enrollment and verification. As a graduate once you earn your degree you can also click on this link to request your degree verification as well so that very useful as well. Which is why I encourage you to bookmark this link.

And then lastly the writing assistance so the Graduate Writing Center is something that you’ll probably become really familiar with. There’s a lot of useful tools graduate writing center which we encourage you to review this page if you haven’t already done so to see the different workshops and things that are available to you as tools to help you with your writing as a grad student.

All right so I think that concludes this video if you do have any questions regarding your MPA resource page definitely give me a call or you can send me an email. All right hope you guys have a great day!