Meet Kristy Kamer, Online MCE Graduate

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Kristy: My name is Kristy Kamer. I’m the head volleyball coach at Montreat College which is in North Carolina about 20 minutes east out of Asheville. I love coaching and when I saw this program I knew I wanted to take part in it.

I think the best part about the program that I enjoyed was just being able to take it online and not have to go to classes every day. I’m a mom and a coach so it gave me the ability to get online at any time of the day, or night, or in the middle of the night for me.

I feel the program helped me with my current job and just it’s taught me just not only coaching, but the business side of coaching. You know you have to be in charge of your own budgets and all that stuff, so it just helped me get in line and get my ducks in a row that way.

I think the best advice I would give a student looking at the program is really get your time management down. Being online you can have a tendency to forget things, so have a calendar, check everything off, make sure you get it done. Definitely time management.

I think what I enjoyed most about this program is just the people that I met. When we came here for our weekend conference, it was just amazing to see all the different students from around United States and the networking and the ability to get online and to do it that way and just the joy, I guess, I learned so much and I loved it.

When I looked at getting my masters, I looked at a couple of different things but I realized that I wanted to just be specific in coaching and it didn’t matter if it wasn’t for volleyball, because I can go to clinics and learn from division one head coaches or my peers that way. I wanted to get more into the sport and the business part of it and that is why I chose to go this route.

I think the program really helped me. Early on coaching, I was going on and playing in that way and this really helped me with learning more techniques and psychology and recovery and all the healthy aspects of the program to help me and all my certain players, all my players to stay healthy and take care of themselves that way. I think that is what I learned the most. It is not always about winning, the kids are growing and I’m going to help them further their life, and this program really helped to teach me that even more.