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I think one thing we really try to focus



on in Ohio universities MFE is kind of



the marriage of academics with practice



and that’s really difficult depending on



what type of school you go to you’re



either going to get a very concentrated



academic style program and usually that



would be an economics program through or



a financial economics program through an



economics department or you’ll get a



very practically oriented program



through a Business School and there’s



obviously some crossover between those



two things but one thing we do here at



Ohio University is we really have a



partnership between our economics



department which houses our MFE program



and our Business School which houses our



finance program and we really try to



integrate both sides I guess I’m the



academic and practical spectrum to try



to give students a little better



perspective on what it is that they’re



actually learning so it’s not just a



pure academic program it’s not just a



pure practical program you can get the



flavor of both sides and try to figure



out how to integrate those two things



together I think we have two types of



students that really come into the



program technically oriented students



and non technically oriented students



for the most part those students are



either business students that learn a



lot about finance and learn a lot about



business or their you know mathematics



students or engineering students that



learn a lot about math and modeling and



computer programming that kind



and it’s really difficult at the



undergraduate level to kind of marry the



two sides of academics and practicality



or technicals and industry knowledge or



something like that but the MFE program



really tries to focus on is taking this



two sides and putting them together so



if you have a technical background and



you go into an MFA program you’re kind



of prepared for the technical side we



are not necessarily know the industry



side of it so you can increase your



level of knowledge about about the



industry by participating in the MFE



vice versa if you have industry



knowledge coming out of the business



program or even undergraduate economics



program in some places you can come into



the program and you can develop their



skills on the technical side so we



really try to put those two things



together and I think it’s really



difficult coming out of an undergraduate



program alone to really know everything



you need to know going into very



high-level jobs in the finance industry



so once you go through a master’s degree



program you get to practice that stuff



to know that stuff a little bit better



and then hopefully graduate the other



side and be a little bit more successful