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Kristy: My name is Kristy Kamer. I actually live in Black Mountain, North Carolina, which is in the western part of North Carolina. I’m currently the head volleyball coach at Montreat College. Before I got here, I was actually in Ohio at Shawnee State University. I gave up that position and wanted to get into a master’s program. I was in one school particular and wasn’t very pleased with it, but I found this program at OU and started it, and I loved my 2 years through it. It’s helped get me here in North Carolina.

Enrollment Advisor: Thank you Kristy. Eric, if you don’t mind, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Eric: I’m currently the recruiting coordinator here at Savannah State University in Savannah, Georgia. I coached previously and played at La Roche College in Pittsburgh. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.From there, I went to a Division II school in Georgia, Georgia Southwestern. The 2 years that I was in the program, I was coaching there. After I graduated last fall … No, it was last spring, I guess. This past summer, I got hired over here with Savannah State. I definitely think the MCE from Ohio gave me some credibility and helped me win the position over here.

Kristy: Like, I mentioned earlier I started at a different school a similar program. I took a couple of classes. I wasn’t pleased with it. When I came to OU, I found it to be a lot more personal. The professors, everybody could answer your questions right away. The courses challenged me. They pushed me outside my comfort zone, which is very helpful, especially as a coach. As a coach, you’re always growing and learning new things every day. In this society, our athletes are changing through the years as well. The program really helped me, I would say, on the business side of coaching with the fundraising, stuff like that, because that’s huge at my program here in North Carolina … In recovery and stuff like that because I started out … I’m ecstatic that I went through this program. I hope everybody does it because it’s great.

Enrollment Advisor: Kristy, thank you very much. Greatly appreciate your input. Eric, just talk about a few minutes here, your experience in the program, what have you gained from all this and how this program has really helped you with your at Savannah State University.

Eric: All right. Good evening guys. The biggest thing that I got from this program was … Well, there were 2 things. There was the credibility. I’ve gone through the program. I’ve got a master’s degree. I’m also proof that it is a good degree because I made the jump in literally 3 years from Division III to Division I.I think that having a master’s degree from Ohio University is a big part of it because once you get to this level, I think everybody knows what they’re doing, Xs and Os on the baseball field, but I think that the education sets some guys apart from each other. In that aspect, I think it’s proof that it does help.
The second thing that I got the biggest was the actual connections that I made through this. I didn’t expect, because it was online, to make so many … Not only friends, but colleagues that I can help and that I can ask for help going forward in my coaching career.I’m very close with a couple of the guys, who are baseball coaches. We call each other, text each other, talk to each other about real life situations now. During the program, we were talking to each other about helping each other with the program, asking questions about the program, but now we’re staying in contact. It’s not even just baseball coaches, but coaches as a whole. I actually made some close friends from this. One is a women’s soccer coach. I have a lacrosse coach that I’m pretty close with. There’s a rodeo coach that I’ve stayed in contact with, which may not help me in my profession, but you never know down the road. We may be able to help each other.

The two things, I think, from this program, that you get the most is the credibility and then the networking that you actually get at both the seminar and just by working together in the same co-group. I think those are two big, big positives from this.