Is a Master’s in Engineering Management Worth It?

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A woman in a suit smiling at the camera with a blurred background.Whether you’re currently an engineer or not, it can be difficult to switch or advance your career. Not everyone interested in an engineering career is willing or able to put work (and income) on hold to pursue a graduate degree in engineering and keep up with what traditional degree programs demand.

Fortunately, some degree programs were designed to be flexible, specifically for those whose time is limited. A well-crafted online Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program acknowledges the need for an adaptable schedule in pursuing higher education while providing different specialization focuses. Those wondering if a master’s in engineering management is worth it should consider all the available options and how they align with their interests. See if you fit the profile of those who succeed in online MEM programs.

Why Earn an Online Engineering Management Degree?

You don’t have to be proficient in tech to be an online student. Most of the technology used in online degree programs is user-friendly and familiar to most people, like email, chat, and discussion forums. If you’re comfortable using the computer for basic functions, you should have all the knowledge you need to begin an online degree program.

Immediately Applicable

Some online engineering management degrees rely on project-based learning. You’ll research and complete an engineering management capstone project in the same way you would in a traditional school. The only difference is that you can immediately apply the lessons from this capstone project to your current job.

Develops Job-Relevant Skills

There are many industry-relevant skills that students can build through an online engineering degree. They include the following:

  • Time management. Those students who can effectively allocate their efforts to balance work, study, and personal matters will adapt quickly to the independent coursework of online degrees.
  • When experiencing difficulties, needing guidance, wanting answers, or requiring elaboration, communicating these needs is essential. Engineers often work in teams and must communicate complex information in understandable terms, so communication is integral for success.
  • Technical skills. Students can build their computer and technical skills through virtual learning. Understanding basic technology will be useful for engineers using various programs and software.
  • Self-discipline. Remote learning requires excellent time management and organization to complete coursework on time. This will help engineers manage their tasks and schedules effectively.

Once you’ve deduced that an online engineering management degree might be a good fit for you, it’s important to determine how to find a reputable program.

Types of Engineering Degrees

Those trying to figure out whether or not a master’s degree in engineering management is worth it may find themselves weighing the differences between different engineering degrees.

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

This program prioritizes the knowledge and skills one would need to perform effectively as a leader in an innovative technological field. Students in this program develop design and research skills while narrowing their focus on a specific area of electrical engineering, such as electronic navigation systems, computer engineering, or autonomous unmanned vehicles (AUVs).

Students who pursue an MSEE often complete the program in two years.

Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)

The MSCE program focuses on the design and improvement of modern infrastructures through the cultivation of strong technical, mathematical, and management skills. Individuals pursuing this degree may choose to specialize in structural engineering, construction, transportation, or environmental engineering.

The MSCE can be completed in five semesters and can accelerate one’s chances to advance their career prospects.

Master of Engineering Management (MEM)

Another type of engineering degree is the MEM. This program focuses on developing leadership and management skills for pursuing advanced roles in various fields of engineering. Similar to an MBA, a MEM program appeals to individuals interested in leading engineering teams.

Students who pursue a MEM often complete the program in 2 years.

Discerning the Best Online Degree Programs

Perhaps the most intimidating facet of online degree programs is discerning the good programs from the poor ones. You want to ensure that the education you pay for meets a certain standard and that you receive the highest quality instruction.

The school’s accreditation should be your first consideration. University programs should be accredited by ABET, which is the recognized accrediting body for postsecondary engineering accreditation.

Engineering management students should also look at the history and reputation of the college. Ohio University, more than 200 years old, has been consistently ranked among the top 2% of American public universities.

Pursue a Fulfilling Engineering Career

As the greater trends of technology continue to develop, companies will require engineers who understand that technology to create new products or services. A good first step toward a lucrative engineering career is finding the type of engineering degree that best aligns with your goals. Then you can pursue that advanced degree to hone your skills and knowledge.

The online MEM from Ohio University focuses on leadership and management skills, as well as their direct relationship to engineering process improvement, project management, effective communication, and innovative solutions. To best equip you for success, this program is outfitted with several classes intended to refine your engineering skills and knowledge. Some courses featured in this curriculum include Quality Systems, Database Information Systems, Engineering Writing, and Project Management.

Learn more about how the online MEM curriculum can prepare you to pursue your professional goals.

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