How Digital Technologies Have Transformed Business

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Technology Transformations in Business Today

While information systems have always been a critical component of effective business management, the phenomenal pace of technological advancement has made it increasingly difficult to keep up with best practices.

Today’s digital technologies have resulted in the development of information systems that are radically transforming the very nature of managerial work, the structure of organizations, and the way firms operate and compete in an ever-changing global marketplace.

Managers must be well-versed in current and future trends including mobility, cloud computing, big data, business intelligence, social media and more. Understanding the strategies and processes that have become integral to all businesses, whether conducting commerce online or not, is essential to becoming a Master of Business Administration.

A major factor in achieving success is a combination of speed and agility. Managers need to be able to access real-time business intelligence and predictive analytics to make the right decisions quickly and with confidence. This is a big change from the traditional business model where decisions were made at the top, and only after a laborious process involving numerous meetings, formal presentations, and pie charts over lunch.

Today, we are not even in the same city or country as one another. Technology-enabled mobility has made us increasingly agile in responding to customers, challenges, and crises no matter where they occur.  Business teams have the capacity to connect wirelessly across multiple devices, access data stored in a cloud, and share that data via web meetings and video chats.

As an MBA, you will have certain expectations placed upon you. One of those will be taking responsibility for the innovative and effective use of information technology within your department or division. The best online degree programs will prepare you for this, helping you gain knowledge of the fundamentals of adopting, investing in, deploying, and leveraging technology to its full capacity.

The technology changes that we are experiencing now will continue to have significance in the years ahead, particularly as the world grows ever smaller through globalization. Mobile devices and wearable computers like the smartwatch will continue to accelerate the pace of business. Additional petabytes of information will enter the cloud, making big data even bigger.

With these trends, of course, comes the increased danger of intentional – and unintentional – security breaches from more people in more places. Being aware of the challenges and opportunities that technology presents can be your greatest asset in the years ahead.

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