Getting an Engineering Degree Online: Challenges and Opportunities

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For working engineers who are looking to move up in their careers, getting an advanced engineering degree online can provide both challenges and opportunities. Those engineers seeking a Master of Engineering Management, however, have an instant advantage: they are in high demand in the industry because they have the technical knowledge that most MBA graduates lack. Through a challenging online program like the graduate degree offered at Ohio University, engineers can continue working while acquiring new management skills that will prove invaluable to their career advancement opportunities.

Benefits of Getting an Engineering Degree Online

As the education community embraces the power of online learning, professionals enjoy a wider selection of reputable online degree programs. An online Master of Engineering Management from a nationally ranked and regionally accredited school like Ohio University could be exactly what you need to quickly acquire new skills without interrupting your professional life. Instantly the lessons you learn can be applied and proven effective in your workplace, so you can start impressing your employer immediately.

Engineers are no longer limited to programs at local schools, so there is greater opportunity for finding the program with the perfect fit. In addition to ranking and accreditation, you should consider the course offerings to see how closely they align with your career interests. For engineering managers, look for courses that break down project management methodology, quality systems and engineering statistics to ensure you develop the skills to help you succeed. Finally, you should research the faculty to understand what experience your instructors have had and what insight they might offer to assist you in advancing to an engineering management position. At Ohio University, engineers are taught by other engineers with more than 20 years of experience. The Princeton Review recently ranked the program one of the best colleges in the Midwest, so engineers can be sure of the quality of their instruction. Distance is no longer a barrier to finding the program that best aligns with your needs and goals.

Challenges of Online Learning

Getting an engineering degree online can present some challenges, especially to students who have never studied in a nontraditional format. Adjusting to the technology is perhaps the biggest concern for new online students, but fortunately, the best online degree programs also offer the best online support. Actually, the variety of technological tools makes the courses richer than previous versions of distance learning

Time management is a critical skill for both engineering managers and students of online Engineering Management degrees. Finding the best way to balance your work with your studies can be a challenge, but it is infinitely more flexible than a traditional education, which would require you to travel to campus for night and/or weekend classes or stop working altogether.

A concern some potential online students have is that the distance learning courses will not be equivalent to the classes on campus. Nothing could be further from the truth. The courses you take through an online Master of Engineering Management at Ohio University are just as challenging as the courses offered in a traditional setting. The online degree holds the same weight as its traditional counterpart but is often completed in less time and at a lesser cost to students because they don’t have to travel for classes.

However, not attending classes on campus can lead to some students’ concern about the actual distance between themselves, their instructors and their classmates. Although getting an engineering degree online does cut back on the face-to-face time you have with your colleagues, the increasingly improved communication tools allow you to digitally connect with others in ways not previously possible. The online experience also offers you the opportunity to broaden your network to include engineers and engineering managers in other parts of the country with different levels of experience in a variety of engineering disciplines. These connections would be less likely in a traditional learning environment.

Getting an online engineering degree, such as a Master of Engineering Management, presents challenges and opportunities that deserve careful consideration. Here are some addition resources to help you make the best decision.

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