The Economics of Ergonomics

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Providing an ergonomically sound workspace is a fundamental aspect of business efficiency. At its basic element, ensuring elements like proper desk posture, chair height, and equipment layout can help cut down aches and pain in the neck, wrists, fingers, and back. Over time, it can also potentially reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders caused by repetitive motion injuries (RPIs). While the substantial amount of baby boomers in the workplace has brought a greater focus on ergonomics, designing a space that protects from physical degradation is vital for employees of all generations.

Fortunately, designing effective ergonomics in the workplace isn’t too difficult a task. A combination of the right equipment and smart initiative-based programs can help encourage employees to think ergonomically and save their bodies plenty of wear and tear. Some of these strategies can involve:

  • WorkSpace Furniture – Having a fully adjustable chair that supports spine curvature can help an employee maintain correct posture throughout the workday. Footrests can also be used to help workers keep their feet flat on a surface, which also encourages proper posture.
  • Desk Equipment – Placing the keyboard, mouse, phone, and office supplies close to an employee’s body can reduce the strain that can come from reaching. An ergonomically designed keyboard can also help combat RPIs. Additionally, correct monitor placement can lower the threat of eye strain.
  • Workplace Wellness Initiatives – Putting together a quality wellness program can help workers step away from their desks and move during the workday, which could help lower the effects of workspace stressors. Employers can add incentivization to the program to further encourage employee movement.

Check out the infographic below created by Ohio University’s Online Masters of Engineering Management program to learn more.

The Ergonomics of Economics infographic

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