Enhancing Your Business on Social Media

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Leveraging Social Media for Online Marketing Success

Many MBAs choose to follow a marketing track because of an intriguing combination of creativity and analytics. Today’s marketers must be knowledgeable about working in traditional spaces like print, radio, television and outdoors, as well as all of the online channels available to consumers.

Social media offers an exceptional outlet for marketing creativity, with the potential for lower cost executions and much higher profile returns. Depending on the type of business you represent, you will want to be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and/or Tumbler. The more whimsical your brand, the more leeway you have to share your story in fun and engaging ways.

Several major brands have made an impact with social campaigns that brought people together – virtually and in person – to celebrate life in unique and different ways

Starbucks’ “Tweet-A-Coffee” campaign allows their account holders to gift their friends with a free coffee via Twitter.  The concept leverages the Starbucks mobile app amongst its user base and encourages new uploads by the free coffee recipients. With this innovative campaign, the coffee giant has moved e-gifting to a new level of convenience and ease while also increasing its database of Twitter contacts.

Make-A-Wish Foundation
When a little boy in San Francisco wanted to be Batman for a day, the Make-A-Wish Foundation took to social media to make his wish come true. Using the hashtag “#SFBatKid,” they created a viral campaign that gathered thousands to see this small superhero in action. Even the mayor of San Francisco played a role as the city shut down for part of the day so that the young Batman could foil his arch-nemesis, the Riddler, from his evil plans. The traction gained by this kind of social event is immeasurable.

Dove, the company behind Dove soap and beauty supplies, created the “Real Beauty” video campaign in which women were drawn by an FBI sketch artist. One sketch was drawn based on each woman’s self-description, while a second was created based on a third-party description of the woman. The contrast between the two sketches was stunning to women in the experiment. Where they only saw their flaws, others saw their beauty. The campaign went viral, setting the record for the most shared video ad of all time.

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