Dean Sherman shares the goals of the online MBA program

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00:00 Here at Ohio University we want to help

00:02 our students to become the creative

00:04 high-skilled knowledge workers. These are

00:07 where the best careers are today and

00:08 will be even more importantly in the

00:10 future. This requires that the

00:14 students not just do the tasks that

00:16 they’re assigned but have to offer

00:18 something that’s special, something

00:20 that’s creative, something that creates a

00:21 new process or innovative product. Most

00:24 business education just concentrates on

00:26 teaching the business discipline.

00:28 What we try to do here is teach

00:31 additional skills that are going to be

00:32 absolutely critical. Which, include

00:34 critical thinking entrepreneurship,

00:36 innovation leadership and holistic

00:39 thinkers. There are two reasons that many

00:42 of our students who are currently

00:43 enrolled have come to our program and

00:45 really love it. The first reason is that

00:48 they are people who really want to get

00:50 ahead in the workforce and they’ve

00:52 recognized how the global marketplace is

00:56 changing and they want to gain the

00:57skills to be, you know, creative, high

01:01 knowledge workers who can progress in

01:03 their careers and you know gain more

01:05 control over their own work careers. The

01:09 second reason is because the

01:10 convenience. We know that that you

01:14 have a full-time job, you’re working hard

01:17 and have been very successful and most

01:19 of you have families and so what we’ve

01:21 done is that we offer a hybrid learning

01:24 program which allows you to have the

01:27 internet social interaction, to get the

01:29 deeper learning experiences of working

01:31 with colleagues at the same time. You can

01:34 fit it into your busy schedule by taking

01:36 synchronous classes at home on once or

01:39 twice a month as well as having

01:41 residential experiences on a Saturday

01:43 only once a month

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