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Hugh Sherman: It’s amazing to see the attachment that students get with their peers and with their faculty. Faculty members are always available to talk to students. Each faculty member has office hours where students can contact the faculty member to work out any issues that they have and then we regularly have synchronous classes. Classes online where students are interacting with their peers and with faculty members.

Ikenna Uzuegbunam: We recognize we recognize the voice of the person the learner. Ohio University is not a places student will come and be a passive learner we make sure that you’re an active learner you’re part of the process you own it and we help  facilitate that process.

Bryan Rowell: Ohio does a great job of preparing the students for life after graduation. I truly believe that once I do finish that I’ll have all the skills I need to be a successful manager.

Karen Adams: In the online MBA program the faculty have been very supportive they have been very reachable I have never
had a professor that I can’t email and say I have this issue can you help me
and they will respond very quickly.

Robert Foehl: The faculty at Ohio University is a very committed faculty and have committed to student success. For me it’s about ensuring that they hear my voice it’s being available for office hours and being live and engaged in office hours it’s about ensuring that I’m available as much as possible through through email and then of course certainly if the student ever needs to call and discuss something obviously available by phone as well.

Ashley Metcalf: Ohio has some really great advantages in terms of an MBA because we provide technical skills in the sense of finance, accounting even data analytics but we also provide a lot of those soft skills you know leadership, change management, human resources, and by having the combination of those set of skills it really sets you up for career  advancement and for being mobile in the workplace.