Chicago hospital to host educational event on dangers of concussions

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football helmet on the field

Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the Feinberg School of Medicine have announced that it will host an educational event that is intended to raise awareness among athletes, coaching staff and trainers about the potential risks of sporting-related concussions.

Organized in partnership with the Illinois High School Association (IHSA), the Playing It Safe: Changing the Mindset of Concussion Safety symposium will be held at Northwestern Memorial Hospital on Wednesday July 27. Former Chicago Bears defensive tackle and NFL Pro Hall of Fame inductee Dan Hampton will open the symposium with a keynote address.

“Concussions are a very real concern for young athletes, and repeat blows to the head can leave kids with lingering effects,” said Michael Terry, MD, head team physician for the Chicago Blackhawks and orthopedic surgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Attendees can expect to hear discussions on the dangers of concussive injuries and detailed scientific demonstrations of how they affect the brain. Speakers will also address debates on how attitudes towards concussions are changing as well as an overview of return-to-play guidelines. A summary of state legislation regarding concussions that has been drafted by the IHSA will also be provided.

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