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People with a passion for helping young athletes can pursue a variety of careers in sports.

Graduates of master’s in athletic administration (MAA) programs often focus their career goals on positions such as athletic directors (ADs) of interscholastic sports programs. However, many other career options are available for MAA graduates.

The world of sports and athletics is continually growing and evolving, requiring even more experienced and educated people in the workforce. Anyone with a passion for sports and a heart for helping emerging athletes can be prepared to fill roles beyond being an AD. The key to any career opportunity in interscholastic sports is earning an advanced degree, including an MAA.

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“The athletic world is never-ending and always growing. As such, there will always be seats to fill, programs to market, schedules to program and rules to follow. Those with a master’s degree in athletic administration are often at the forefront of sports business, meshing a passion for the sports world with business management acumen,” Anita Ginsburg said in “What Can A Masters in Athletic Administration Do For You?” One way sports business enthusiasts are fulfilling their career goals is by earning a master’s in athletic administration, online.

Sports Management Careers

The National Federation of State High School Association said some 11 million students participate in interscholastic sporting activities across the United States. Anyone interested in helping these students achieve their goals as athletes needs to look beyond the athletic director job description and to the many other careers in interscholastic sports, including:

Event manager

Event managers focus on organizing and structuring sporting events to ensure players and spectators have a positive experience. They can work in events of all sizes, from a football game with hundreds of attendees to an awards banquet with players. Managers must be able to plan and organize events while adjusting to unpredictability and last-minute changes.

Event managers also balance budgets, find venues, negotiate prices, and manage staff, seating, equipment, security, and all other pertinent details. The leading job candidates have a business and sports background.

Athletic compliance officer

Compliance officers in athletics ensure the rules and regulations of recruiting are followed. While they may work for colleges or universities, their job duties may require direct interaction with high school sporting programs.

Compliance officers also closely monitor student-athletes to ensure that they remain eligible to play and higher-education institutions stay within the rules of recruiting.

Marketing manager

Sports marketing managers promote sporting events, teams, and team-related products in publicity events, endorsements, and sponsorships. They also work with advertisers and sports-related organizations to develop and execute marketing and advertising initiatives. Marketing managers play roles in creating content for the team’s website and social media channels.

Sports information director

Sports information directors act as public relations managers for athletic teams. They speak for the team in the event of a crisis and handle general news announcements. Sports information directors also provide the media with team statistics and announcements about upcoming events. They also handle the team’s or school’s digital content, updating the websites and social media.

Sports agent

Sports agents work directly with athletes and coaches to determine contract terms including salaries and bonuses. They also may handle a client’s personal finances and promote their clients for community relations opportunities.

Alternative Sports Management Careers

Those who earn a master’s in athletic administration may be considered experts in the field. With that, graduates are able to pursue other types of specialty jobs, including:

Sports blogger

Sports bloggers are dedicated to keeping fans up to date on the latest developments regarding their favorite teams. They interview coaches, players, and fans to get information about the team to engage readers. They market their blogs through social media outlets.

Sports bloggers need strong writing and interviewing skills. They also must be able to network with coaches, players, and other bloggers to get the best content.

Sports analyst

Sports analysts work behind the scenes to determine team statistics and player evaluations. They may help managers pick the best players or provide information to reporters for the news. Analysts must be able to use data, mathematics, and statistical modeling to establish findings that are useful to team managers.

In addition, MAA programs prepare graduates to work in sports risk management, law, and human resources. Through Ohio University’s masters in athletic administration online, students also take coursework in budget planning, fundraising, and leadership for sports management careers that go beyond the athletic director job description.

About Ohio University’s Masters in Athletic Administration Online

Ohio University’s MAA program is designed for professionals to advance their careers in the world of interscholastic sports administration. The university launched the nation’s first academic program in sports administration in 1966 and continues to be a leader in sports business education. The program is housed within the College of Business, underscoring the university’s dedication to providing world-class sports business education.

The program works in collaboration with the National Intercollegiate Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) to prepare graduates for certification and is accredited by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA).

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