How Apple’s Leadership Changed

If Apple leadership has taught the business world one thing it’s that executives can be as synonymous with a brand as the products they produce. As Apple’s CEO, the late Steve Jobs became the face of Apple as well as its innovations, cultivating a fiercely loyal customer base in the process. His successor, Tim Cook, follows in Jobs’ footsteps in numerous respects but deviates just enough to craft his own leadership style.

For instance, both Jobs and Cook share a reputation for possessing high expectations. Yet while Jobs was also known for innovations, leadership, and perfectionism, Cook’s leadership at Apple has been defined by transparency, teamwork, and a calm demeanor.

Both styles have helped inspire Apple to produce several innovative and game-changing products. During Jobs’ era, Apple produced the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad, and also launched the iTunes music store and the App Store. Cook’s tenure, meanwhile, has given rise to the iPad Mini, Apple Watch, and the Apple TV Plus subscription service. Both have experienced highly publicized failures and controversies, and Apple has cultivated a reputation for not paying dividends to investors. However, their reputation for creating popular devices have mitigated fallout.

The different forms of Apple leadership styles have helped Apple grow into a dominant brand. Apple still maintains the largest market share for smartphones and tablet markets despite increased competition. The magnitude of the Apple brand, and its leadership by extension, is well reflected by its robust stock performance.

Learn more below with this infographic created by Ohio University’s Online Master of Business Administration program.

Apple CEO Leadership Infographic

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