Advance Your Education With An Online Engineering Degree for Managers

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Whether you’re a manager looking to lead an engineering team or an engineer who wants to further your career in a leadership role, an online engineering degree for managers could be your ticket to advancement. As executives seek to hire the most qualified managers with technical knowledge, you’re safest bet is to pursue a graduate degree that has a dual focus in management and engineering. Consider Ohio University’s Master of Engineering Management. It’s an online engineering degree for managers that teaches sound business strategies as applied specifically to the engineering industry. Become a manager who, in additional to technical skills, also possesses sought-after management savvy.

Benefits of an Online Engineering Degree Program

What’s most appealing about an online engineering degree for managers is that the program’s flexibility allows you to complete your coursework in your own time without interrupting your work. You can continue generating an income to help pay for your education. Equally as important you will impress your employer as you implement the new skills you are learning into into your work. Additionally, you can benefit from the experience of an expert faculty and a wide range of engineers who work in different industries in different locations.

Ideally, aspiring engineering managers should seek out a Master of Engineering Management program that can bridge the gap between duties as a manager and responsibilities as an engineer. The courses in these programs include a technical focus on engineering, like Engineering Law, Engineering Writing and Information Systems Engineering. But they also cover important business-minded subjects like Project Management, Quality Systems and Six Sigma. What’s become evident to most engineers is that an MEM has more value than a traditional MBA program because it not only gives you a more mathematical focus, but also better prepares you to apply sound business principles in the engineering world.

What to Look for in an Online Engineering Degree for Managers

Because you’re completing your online engineering degree for managers from the comfort of your home, you have a wider variety of programs to choose from it’s important to narrow that choice to the one that best suits your career ambitions. Verify that the courses are tailored to instruction you need in order to become an engineering manager. The more focused your education is, the faster you learn the new skills and the sooner you can learn to lead a team of engineers. At Ohio University, you can earn an online Master of Engineering Management in less than two years.

Apply to only properly accredited schools to ensure your degree has more value and amply supports your skill level. Because management degrees with an engineering focus haven’t been offered as long as MBAs, there are fewer schools offering impressive online engineering degrees for managers than the more generalized programs. Look for those schools that have standout recognition by the engineering industry, like Ohio University’s Russ College of Engineering and Technology, which issues The Russ Prize, one of engineering’s most prestigious awards. The online Master of Engineering Management degree couples a high quality graduate education with a clear understanding of how that knowledge can be used in your exact work environment.

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