A Day in the Life of a Public Administrator

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The separation of powers in the Constitution established firm rules about the American political system. Congress and legislators write the laws; the executive branch, led by the president, enforces the laws; and the courts interpret the laws. What the Founders never anticipated was the growth in the size and scope of federal, state and local governments. Now a fourth group plays a critical role in the operation of the government: public administrators.

Public administrators in a boardroom

What is a Public Administrator?

Public administrators are the front line employees and public servants who ensure government rules and policies have the desired effect on the community. Because of the scope of the government, and the various levels available, public administrators may choose to work in almost any aspect of government or society that they choose. The diversity of opportunities includes everything from:

  • Working outdoors with the National Parks service
  • Analyzing data concerning climate change and what impact, if any, human action has on the phenomenon
  • Securing healthy food and clean drinking water, both in the United States and abroad
  • Fighting terrorism through safety protocols, training and screening procedures
  • Serving low income communities in public clinics or public assistance programs
  • Revitalizing economically challenged communities

The range of choices is important for public administrators, because passion for the mission of the agency or organization is a key component of both job satisfaction and employee morale in the public service sector.

What do Public Administrators do?

The environmental regulation and health care services.

Public administrators are the people who make the government run on a daily basis, and they are responsible for providing needed services to the community. With growing federal, state and local bureaucracies, there is certain to be demand for public administrators for decades to come.

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