6 Industries Poised for Growth

The United States economy is finally returning to a state where people can think about investing again. Many industries are taking advantage of the increased commonwealth growing at fantastic rates, providing more jobs and promising a good return on investments made in 2015. If you’re looking for a way to get in on the healthy economy action, look into these industries that have the most potential for pay dirt.

Solar energy panel


The health care sector has been known for reliable growth throughout the years, but recently, since the government introduced mandated health care and other developments, the industry is even more favorable to invest in.

The pharmaceuticals industry is seeing more growth than any particular area in the medical sector, thanks to decreased regulations. Legal medical marijuana is one particular area where projected growth is huge. The $3 billion industry could reach $18 to $20 billion by 2020 or 2021.

Enterprise Tech

Silicon Valley has always been the birthplace of new digital technology, but the field of enterprise tech is increasing so rapidly that it has expanded to the east coast as well. Companies there have a fresh take on some of the revolutionary technology of the past few years in areas such as mobile, security, and cloud tech. Many of these technologies are in high demand both from consumers and big companies.

Alternative Energy

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While solar technology has floundered during the past few years, it is headed for a boost in 2015. Last year was the first year the U.S. government broke even on loans to solar energy production companies, so the industry is becoming more affordable and more profitable. The related industry of silicon production, a material used in many solar panels, is also growing appreciably.

Military Tech

The United States is constantly advancing and growing its defense technology to stay ahead of potential threats. Planned government spending in 2015 includes about $638 billion on national defense, and that number isn’t likely to go down by much in the next few years. The current most valuable industries in this sector are drone production, surveillance tech, and anything that could be considered anti-terrorist.

Financial and Business Services

As the economy gets healthier, more people are looking to invest in or start-up small businesses. Professionals with a business education will have no problems finding a job as new markets open up for accounting, broking, and managing. Alternatively, professionals can put their education to use by starting their own businesses.

3-D Printing

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the arrival of 3-D printing, a technology that seems capable of creating almost anything. Once that hype dies down, businesses will be more willing to accept 3-D printing as a useful service and find a way to include it in their manufacturing processes.

While these industries are experiencing rapid growth, others that seem reliable are not doing as well. Beware of investments in manufacturing and resource production, which strive to merely break even in 2015. Always research each company within these sectors before investing and you too can reap the benefits of a healthy U.S. economy.

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